Film Studio


Stop Zombies is a studio of garage filmmakers based in Columbus Ohio, currently developing an online survival horror series titled, Breakwall. We will film most of our work in-and-around Ohio. If you are interested in becoming part of our Cast or Crew then Contact Us. We want to work with artists who can expand the depth of this project.

Our Philosophy

1. Keep it simple: We do not have millions of dollars at our disposal. We make the most with what we have available and use the resources around us wisely. We will shoot our films in a digital format with a small guerrilla style crew. A guerrilla crew does not mean disorganized or reckless. Everyone involved in our projects are smart and responsible.

2. There are no problem, only opportunities: Low budget movies can offer many challenges that need to be overcome with some smart ideas. We can’t buy our way out of a problem. The challenge is to create a high production value without spending a lot of money. Poverty breeds creativity.

3. Rehearsal time is important: Lack of preparation can kill a project. Actors and crew members need time to rehearse and become comfortable with each other. Preproduction is success.

4. Create a culture of creativity: Give characters secrets, let artists improvise and try something new. Exploit the unique. Be different.

5. Share the Wealth: Anyone who works on a movie deserves to benefit from its success. But don’t be in this business for the money. Make horror films because you love love the genre and you love filmmaking. If the only reward you hope to get is financial then you are going to fail every time.

6. Have fun: If you aren’t have fun then you’re doing something wrong.